The time allotted for the message bore no resemblance of its weight and timing as he spoke about the law of timing and its importance to an audience who were clearly in support by their nods and amen.

Pastor Pratt Brown in delivering the main address to the third Annual General Meeting of the Tabernacle of Jesus Christ Apostolic Church held at Shirley’s Retreat House in St. Andrew said that children of God must be aware of the relevance of time if they are to be successful.

According to him the bible has expounded a pattern of timing in its explanation about the life of Jesus Christ. As a result he left the love and care of his parents to be with others.  For example, there were instances when he spent the majority of his time with the doctors of law teaching them about the importance of receiving everlasting life.

In addressing the audience he also noted that the mission of Christ was not obstructed by the wishes of his parents, pointing to the concerns that Mary and Joseph had about Jesus’ whereabouts. Instead he was propelled by a force to do the work of God. “A powerful force continued to work through him. Jesus places emphasis on more important things.” He said.

In examining the book of Esther chapter 4 Pastor Brown pointed out that Esther also had a mission to do the will of God and time was of importance to her. While reciting the famous words of Esther ‘If I perish I perish’ he said that a commitment of that nature could only rely on timing and a trust in God. In addition he said that the law of timing played a specific role as she had to time the king so that she could have audience with him about the deliverance of her people.

In challenging the gathering he also said that like Esther persons who are seeking after righteousness must heed the word of God and make time the essence of their life. ‘Esther moved in obedience with God. She had new territories to conquer, Christians must seize the opportunity of the moment,” he noted.

The recognition for the importance of timing was also explained through the words of John McDowell, Writer who said that in his experiences about the laws of traffic there were clearly no place for the timid and those without a grasp for the relevance of timing. According to him it is only those drivers who are bold and can make the precise move at the right time who will take the car to its destination.

The law of co-incidence was also addressed by Brown who claimed that while it may be easy to say that someone was at the right place at the right time there is no co-incidence in the life of those who walk with God. “When you walk with God there is no time for coincidence. God knows everything.” He said.

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