“Health is for the glorification of God.” This was the statement made by Dr. Morgan, Health Specialist at the Tabernacle of Jesus Christ Apostolic 2nd Annual General Meeting.

According to the Health Specialist the diseases that are plaguing the world have very little to do with the sinful actions of mankind and more to do with diet. He also argued that the indiscipline and mature look of our children result from the type of food they eat. “Look at how little girls are menstruating at age ten. Look at how our children are hyper active and indiscipline,” he emphasized.

In order to reduce the indiscipline in our children and the many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension he said that it is important that individuals refrain from meat, white rice, white flour, and other foods that are high in fat.

Dr. Morgan also opposed the popular view that produces high in starch such as yam, coco and bananas are not healthy. According to him the record has shown that persons who were born in the 40s and 50s ate a lot of yams, coco and bananas and lived longer than persons who were born in the 60s and 70s with a diet of more white rice and flour.

Dr. Morgan who is proposing a diet of healthy living said that it is important to eat vegetables, fruits, ground produce and whole wheat foods. He further explained that persons who eat meat take the risk of a shorter life noting that the way animals are reared for sale is not healthy, “Commercial entities have no time to wait on the proper growth of even chicken. Instead they give them pills and grinded food for them to grow fast. How can that be good for you.” He said. In addition he said that the very fish in the sea is no longer healthy. This he claim results from the improper dumping of waste in the sea.

In challenging the Church to eat right Dr. Morgan noted that alcoholic beverages are creating a lot of problems for a number of individuals. He also said that the argument in defense of a ‘little wine’ is wrong because the wine that the bible spoke about had no alcohol in it. He also told the gathering that they should pay attention to what time of day they eat. He said that eating at nights is not healthy, as the body is not able to break down the food at the prescribed rate when you are sleeping.

The Health Specialist also explained that over eating is not just a sinful action, but is also harmful to the body.”When you over eat you naturally feel like you want to sleep this is because the brain slows down. All this result from the fact that the blood is not flowing the way it should.” He said.

He also said that it is time for people especially Christians to work toward a healthy diet so that they can stay healthy. Dr. Morgan also emphasized that the Church is the vehicle through which the Lord operates and sick bodies cannot do the job.